Course of Study fees are $225 for each class or $900 for all four classes.  Lunch on class days is included in the fees. There is also a $25 non-refundable registration fee. Additional costs include travel, housing, books, and meals beyond lunch.  Four classes is one year’s work of the five-year program.

Housing and books are the other costs for COS.  Housing varies.  The individual will choose the housing that is best for them.  Books are purchased over the Internet.


If a student wants to take one class, we encourage them to take two, both the morning and afternoon classes of one session.  The student will be paying for travel to Claremont and for housing, so it is beneficial to get credit for both classes in a session.


All checks for fees and housing (except hotels) should be made out to Western Jurisdiction Course of Study.  Payment for all fees and housing should be made prior to arrival at CST.  Students may pay on the first day of class, but students will not be able to attend class without full payment being made.


We suggest that students buy their books over the Internet by going to,, or to buy their books.  Many students have bought used books at Amazon, but be aware that there is a $3.99 delivery charge added to every used book.

Course of Study Books:

To know which books to purchase, students should download the syllabi from this website for each class they will be taking.  The syllabus lists the required books for each class.  Students should make sure that they are using a syllabus for 2019, as the faculty may change the books they require from year to year.  Books can also be downloaded to a Kindle or Nook, but page numbers are often lost on a Kindle.

Licensing School Books:

New Interpreters Study Bible, UMC Book of Worship, UMC Book of Resolutions, UMC Book of Discipline

Harvey Mudd College Dormitory:

Dormitory Housing: Housing at the Harvey Mudd Dorms is expected to be available at the rate of $65-70 per night (2019). Each room will have single occupancy.

Claremont School of Theology Commuter Housing:

Housing MAY NOT be available on the CST campus.

$45 per night (2016 prices); on-campus rooms are double occupancy, but there is a shared kitchen with microwave, oven, refrigerator, and dining room at each end of the housing for 6 or 4 people.  The unit has 8 beds in 4 rooms and a single bed in a nook at each end behind the dining area.

Local Hotels, Motels, B&Bs & Other Options

All information is presented by Claremont School of Theology as a courtesy.

Rates are estimates from June 2015 that are subject to change, and do not include tax.

Please call for actual costs.

Always mention you are a student at CST to see if there is a preferred rate