Licensing School

June 24 – July 4

At Claremont School of Theology, 1325 N. College Avenue, Claremont CA 91711

Individuals, who are certified candidates in the United Methodist Church, will be prepared to be licensed as Local Pastors through Licensing School. The program provides 80 hours of education in public worship, pastoral leadership, preaching, congregational care, and parish organization.

Online Registration Forms

The registration forms can be printed from the COS Website, Fill out the form and mark the box for Licensing School.
A housing option must also be selected. The DS and also the Annual Conference Local Pastor Registrar’s signatures must be obtained on the form. Mail the completed form to CST.

Link to Registration Form

Licensing School Fees

Licensing School fees are $900. Lunch on class days is included. There is also a $25 non-refundable registration and food fee. Students need to figure the cost of housing into their expense as well.


Housing MAY NOT be available on the CST campus.

Please indicate on your registration form if you’re interested and we will get back to you. Note: We may not know until April/May. You may wish to make other arrangements.
Dormitory Housing: Housing at the Harvey Mudd Dorms is expected to be available at the rate of $65-70 per night. Each room will have single occupancy.

Housing costs are subject to change. Area hotels are available at various rates.
Further Information:

Please feel free to contact us about any information you need or concerns you have.
Call or email Rev. Dr. Faith Conklin at    909-447-2595    or

Licensing School Faculty:
Rev. Sam B. Kim
Rev. John Woodall
Rev. Beth Rambikur
Students need to bring a laptop or tablet computer with them.  If they are unable please contact us at